Stormwater Engineering

Civil Engineering

Stormwater projects hold the potential to provide important community benefits while improving the environment.

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At KPG, stormwater engineering is not merely an add-on service. For over 30 years we have worked directly with our clients to navigate the increasingly stringent environmental regulations governing stormwater management. We bring innovative and creative ideas that are appropriate to each project and are infused with current sustainable practices.

We are experts at balancing the challenges associated with stormwater projects. This includes creative solutions to limited available right of way, conflicting utilities, loss of on-street parking, and mature trees. We also prioritize the cost effectiveness of long-term maintenance to develop successful projects that are an asset to the community.

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We are experienced with all aspects of stormwater management design.

KPG engineers have the experience needed to analyze, design, and document successful stormwater projects. Areas of technical expertise include:
• Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
• Low Impact Development (LID)/Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Design
• Flow Control and Water Quality Facility Analysis and Design
• Downstream Analysis
• Conveyance System Analysis and Design
• Stormwater Management Compliance and Documentation
• Construction Phase Stormwater Planning
Stormwater Engineering

We design stormwater improvements for a range of project types throughout the Pacific Northwest.

At the core of KPG’s stormwater experience is our work designing stormwater improvements for transportation projects. However, over the years this project experience has expanded to include numerous project types, including:
• Stormwater Design for Roadways, Site Development, Parks, and Airports
• Municipal Conveyance System Upgrades
• Storm Drain Outfall Improvements
• Flow Control and Water Quality Facility Retrofits
• LID/GSI Retrofits for Streets
• Ecology Grant-Funded Projects
• Stream, Culvert and Fish Passage Improvements
• Regional Stormwater Facility Planning and Design