Urban Design

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We are place makers.

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We weave together the urban fabric to create places with new patterns, colors, and textures that enliven each community.

Our urban design group specializes in the visioning, planning, and detailing of urban centers, including downtowns, city centers, town centers, and neighborhood business districts. As a complement to our engineering and landscape architectural design of public infrastructure projects, our urban design group provides an overall vision for these urban districts as well as the custom finishing touches that implements the vision. We link all the elements that make an urban district a successful place to live, work, and play. We work with clients across the Pacific Northwest on a wide range of projects to transform their communities through planning and built projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to make each project reflect its communities’ character and strengthen its identity to create a wonderful place to live.

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We provide big picture visioning for urban districts and corridors that lead to vibrant robust places.

Our visions provide for multimodal transportation access, development potential, public open space, and community event spaces. Connectivity for each mode of transportation, scale of block size, roadway type, and gateways are all key to creating these places. Our services include:
• Corridor Studies
• Design Charrettes and Workshops
• District Revitalization
• Downtown/Town Center Plans
• Festival Streets
• Main Streets
• Subarea and Citywide Plans
• Urban Design Streetscape Standards
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It’s the details that matter. Identity should be unique and reflect each community.

We are experts at the design, fabrication and installation of placemaking elements, that make a place unique and inviting. Our expertise includes:
• Architectural Treatments
• Branding and Identity Signs
• Bridge Treatments
• Custom Lighting
• Gateways
• Interpretive Signs
• Information Kiosks
• Public Art
• Storefront Design
• Wall Treatments
• Wayfinding