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Cleveland Street

Redmond, WA

Great Places in America Award Winner

Cleveland Street is the signature street project in the City of Redmond’s downtown. KPG worked with the City to transform the road into a pedestrian friendly, curbless festival street that encourages visitors to stay and play at the many local businesses lining the corridor, as well as the Downtown Park.

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Cleveland Street

The project supports the City’s economic goals by creating a welcoming destination for visitors. The project improved safety and walkability by adding wider sidewalks, mid-block crossings with custom catenary lighting, and raised intersections, all of which have reduced vehicle speeds favorable to pedestrians.

Additional placemaking elements that contribute to the project’s success include clusters of illuminated seating, new pedestrian illumination, new utilities and decorative pervious pavers accented by a tactile shoreline for the blind.

The success of Cleveland Street is seen by the numerous destination restuarants and businesses that now occupy its storefronts and by the pedestrian-friendly activity it has generated. It hosts the So Bazaar Night Market that spreads through the Brown Street Woonerf, the Redmond Central Connector and the Downtown Park, attracting over ten thousand visitors.

The project was awarded as an exceptional example of redevelopment and placemaking, receiving the Great Street designation by the American Planning Association (APA)’s Great Places in America Award.

Project Testimonial:

"As part of Redmond's twenty year vision, the Cleveland Street project was a catalyst for creating a vibrant 18 hour urban environment in Downtown Redmond. This project helped further facilitate private investment in Downtown; creates progressive accommodations for the city's share of regional growth; encourages biking, walking and soon light rail in 2024; and the curbless festival street design supports opportunities for events, arts and culture."
John Marchione | Mayor, City of Redmond