Transportation Planning

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Planning the transportation system is key to designing a livable community.

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Our Transportation Planning group is integral to KPG’s holistic approach to fulfill cities mobility, economic and placemaking goals. As cities grow, our clients want a clear understanding of their transportation system and how to best provide for all modes of travel: autos, pedestrians, bicycles, trucks and transit.

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We are forward thinking and plan safe and efficient transportation systems.

We have the technical expertise and creative solutions to evaluate existing issues and future challenges to create a transportation network that embraces economic growth, housing forecasts, travel demand, transit facilities and stations, and non-motorized facilities. We work closely with our clients by acting as an extension of staff to help ensure that plans and studies are understood by stakeholders, meet funding requirements and can be implemented in a timely manner. The Transportation Planning Team specializes in:

• Corridor Traffic Analysis
• Downtown Plans
• Grant Funding Assistance
• Multimodal Plans
• Safety Studies
• Subarea and Citywide Transportation Plans
• Transit Station Plans
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We focus our planning on city streets.

We are experts at local agency transportation planning. Services include:

• Access Management
• Construction Traffic
• Neighborhood Traffic Calming
• Non-Motorized and Transit Planning
• Signal and Roundabout Analysis
• Traffic Operations Modeling