Big Rock Park

Big Rock Park Central

Sammamish, WA

Blending old and new

KPG provided landscape architecture, site engineering, and stormwater design for a new 20-acre park in the City of Sammamish. The site, which includes a relocated historic home, a custom-designed treehouse spanning three large Western Red Cedar trees, and a network of soft-surface trails through open meadows, woodlands and wetlands, is one of three parcels that were donated to the City for park space.

The goal of the project was to open the park and its amenities to the public. This included formalizing the park entry with a small plaza/drop-off area in front of the historic house, pedestrian-scale lighting, new ADA-accessible pathways, a new entry drive that meets City roadway standards, a new parking area, updating access to the tree house, and both native and ornamental landscape plantings.

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background site plan image
background site plan image
Big Rock Park 1
Big Rock Park 2

Project elements include:

  • Circular park access drive
  • Entry plaza
  • ADA accessible pathways
  • Soft-surface trails
  • Fenced heritage garden
  • Restroom facilities
  • Access improvements to historic house including stairs, deck, and ADA ramp.
  • Decorative lighting
  • Parking lot
  • Tree and landscape plantings